Vertical Farming Projects

Published by Cretivity 2022-06-21

All 6 racks in and all 200 fixtures CRETIVITY CT640W mounted in one of the growing rooms! The jungle is coming to this room soon after the light loaded in.


The benefit of LED lights: We were able to install 54% smaller AC units per room in our new facility as we used to have with HPS lights.HPS lights produce much more radiation heath and need much more AC power which means more money you have to spend every month for the electricity bill. For sure there are many LED lights and we are always testing new ones and compare them to our ones from Fluence, to see the progress of this industry is so awesome!


Before the light all loaded;

vertical planting 


After the light all loaded: we always happy to see the before and after feedbacks from our customer;

led grow light 


Leading the way in vertical cultivation for Cannabis is risky but we from Cannerald try to bring all the high standards from overseas to the beautiful place of China;

vertical planting, led grow ligth 


Ready to Ready to treat some plants ���We strive for perfection in every aspect to provide you with the best possible quality out there! Our brand is not just a lifestyle, it is a way of life we want to share with you and show you our passion for this industry!

indoor plant light 


We from CRETIVITY try to bring all the high standard from China to the beautiful place worldwide.

led grow light  


Praying towards the light is what we want to see when we grow plants

indoor vertical plant 


led grow light


Not even 20 days into flower and the girls in Room Alpha are on the way to the sun (LED). Meanwhile CRETIVITY LED Grow Light is going global and our community is growing more and more!

led grow light 

Cannabis cultivation 


Happy flowers under cretivity led grow light vertical farming projects

Cannabis cultivation 

Cannabis cultivation led grow light

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